Admin Monday

It's time for a few behind-the-scenes updates on the blog and some other bits here at Fluent Language Tuition. First of all, the site is a year old this week!

Fluent's 1st Anniversary

This last year has been rewarding and has made me very proud. I started Fluent with a few flyers for German lessons around Lancaster and it has now grown to be a little company! The first year saw me teach over 15 individual students and some awesome groups counting 30 students. My lovely associate tutor Flora also provided Spanish tuition to a group of 6 and 2 individual students. 

So over all, that's language brought to life for 55 people in 6 countries so far, and that doesn't even take into account my THOUSANDS of AMAZING blog readers, youtube watchers and twitter followers. I'm blessed to have you guys. Thanks. 

To anyone who is wondering whether they should start a new business, focus on their idea or get going with something special, I can only say try it now because it's worth it. At worst, you can still become an employee in a year, with much more experience than any colleagues. Also: Learn a new language. You knew I'd say that.

New RSS-to-Email service

After nearly a year during which I wrote regular newsletters to the Fluent regulars and subscribers, I've decided to switch to an automated Rss-to-email service. For the blog subscribers, this means all new blog articles will be in your through an automated service - convenient! For me, it also means more consistent information as I'm making the blog the centre of Fluent.

If you're a subscriber, please note: I am aware that this means the emails are going to be a lot more frequent, but don't worry! You can now update your subscriber profile to choose your frequency (daily/weekly/monthly), so you know it won't all be a bit much.

Bye bye Store

With all recent changes at Fluent - and since I still haven't got a volunteer PA, those are my life changes in the world of work and sole trading - the website has evolved to reflect this. One of the big changes that I have made this is that I have decided to (temporarily at least, never say never) close the Fluent Language Store. Fluent will still be focusing on the best products out there and be introducing them to you guys through reviews and special offers where I can get hold of them.

And here is a secret link: I will be leaving the store accessible to all of my trusty blog readers and you will forever be able to claim the 10% discount.

But it does mean we're freeing up space on the website to introduce more fun projects and associate tutors. So worth it!

If you have taken part in the first year of Fluent in any way at all, please write me a comment on this post and say hi. I want to thank you!