6 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Language Retreat As Soon As Possible

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when it felt like all your stars were aligned?

These are the moments when you’re suddenly in a conversation in another language, instead of outside the conversation saying “um” and wondering what they just said.

When chance and hard work align, it feels like you’re taking a huge jump forward instead of dancing on the spot like you usually do. It feels like you’ve arrived somewhere.

In short, it feels like you’re gasp FLUENT!


That fluency moment is what many people talk about when they say “to really learn a language, you have to immerse yourself in it.” And they’re right: immersion, social interaction, time to focus on your language, those are the magic ingredients.

For many years, I was super skeptical about those fluency immersion unicorn magic moments.

I had heard many theories about how we can get there as learners, but nothing had worked in practice. Most language learners just had too much other stuff to contend with in their life - like myself, they'd dream of effective immersion but

  1. "Move to the country!" (yeah sure, just got to quit my job and dump my boyfriend)
  2. "Study 8 hours a day!" (see above...job?!)
  3. "Be really efficient yet patient and just keep going and after 8 years you'll get there" (most realistic option...but would you blame me if I ran out of motivation?)

I had to change my thinking about language practice, and figure out the components that make an immersion trip truly successful and set it apart from your average tourist visit.

This ALL changed in 2018, when I added travel to my language teaching skills.

I learnt about how effective an in-country immersion course can be in two ways: As a learner, I experienced a lightbulb moment on myself, in my own Welsh practice, where I was still making plenty of mistakes but I got into the flow of speaking.

As a teacher, I led the first Fluent German Retreat and saw how I was able to support and engineer those flow moments for other people too by understanding the key ingredients of what makes the Retreat experience so unique.

After many years of teaching languages, learning languages, researching and developing my skills, I believe I've found a way to create these moments.

And of COURSE I’m going to reach out and create as many of them as I can!

Fluent German Retreat

I am so excited about this, because I know what it feels like when you take a huge jump forward instead of dancing on the spot. The Retreat gave learners like you a huge breakthrough in their German skills, and so I decided to offer more of these opportunities as soon as possible.

Fluent German Retreat-logo (1).png

Still wondering how this all works together and why a Retreat is so much more amazing than your average trip to a target country? Check out these reasons below:

6 Reasons Why You Need To Check Out A Language Retreat As Soon As Possible

language retreat.png
  • Travel will take you out of your everyday routine, free your mind, and help you drop those inhibitions that keep your mind stuck looking for the right words and grammar structures.
  • The excitement of a field trip and the absolute joy of connecting boost memory so you can remember vocab for years to come
  • All the good parts of immersion apply at a retreat: You hear and see your target language everywhere but it's better because we make sure there’s no switching to English.
  • You're not alone! You’ll have fun, laughter, and high fives with your fellow learners that you won’t even realise how much you’re learning every minute of every day.
  • You will be 100% focused on learning German, with no interruptions, no waiting 4 days for the next lesson, with a tutor right there, and in a very small group. In other words, this is one go the most cost effective ways of learning a language.
  • The cultural immersion is extremely valuable, and you’ll finally learn everyday expressions and shortcuts that native speakers only use in their natural speaking environment.

I used to think results were handed to us by the results fairy. I didn’t think you could work towards them, engineer them, make them happen.

But I have seen more of these magic moments this year than I have in the last 5 years together, and now I think I can help you discover them too.

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