Earn Super High Commissions When You Spread the Word About Fluent

This page is for fellow language bloggers and anyone else who would like to share the message of Fluent Language Tuition. 

Share reviews, links and ads on your website and earn a commission for every sale your referral generates. If you find something missing or have ideas, email me at kerstin@fluentlanguage.co.uk

Why You Should Be a Fluent Affiliate

  • The commission rates recognise your contribution with an earnings share of up to 40%, meaning you will get a 40% commission on any order you refer. This is among the highest rates you will find anywhere.
  • There are no earnings caps, so you can earn more with every time you promote a product.
  • Fluent’s products are highly rated and popular with learners around the globe. I am immensely proud of the books and courses and work hard to improve the conversion rates for all the pages you’ll link to.
  • You are getting in early. In this programme you are not anonymous and I will be on hand to answer your questions and support you with marketing support and exclusive coupons and discounts. This is a small affiliate programme run by me personally, and no idea or suggestion will go unheard.

How Can You Join the Scheme?

The Fluent Affiliate Scheme is run via the platform Teachable, so there are just a few easy steps to complete:

  1. Sign up for a free Teachable Account by clicking this link
  2. Email your website URL, your email address and your name to kerstin@fluentlanguage.co.uk
  3. Look out for the confirmation email in your inbox letting you know that you’ve been added as one of my affiliates
  4. Share your affiliate links in a product review, an email recommending Fluent to your friends or putting a banner on your website
  5. Get paid!

Do You Promote as an Amazon, Audible or Udemy Affiliate?

No problem! Out of the three platforms, I recommend that you promote via Udemy as their conversion and commission rates are way better.

You can find my Udemy courses on my profile page here, and choose to promote any of them.

You can also link to my books on Amazon.co.ukAmazon.com and all the other Amazon stores. There is an audio version of Fluency Made Achievable on Audible.com

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